All about the Chakras - More info added gradually

All about the Chakras - More info added gradually

The  7 Main Chakras

Within our bodies, there is a set of energetic pathways. The most commonly known are the 7 Chakras, and they are energy systems located along the spine and ending with the brain and the top of the head.

This system is based on the Hindu Chakra system that emphasizes 6 distinct centers of energy that are in constant motion. Each has its own color and vibrational frequency, and are catalysts for human operation. They control multiple survival instincts, and perceptions as well as our ability to communicate, interact with each other, and experience love and desire.



Root – Muldhara - Red

Energetic anchor to the physical world related to:

  • Safety, Security, and Survival
  • Basic needs, including food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, and love
  • Grounding and physical identity
  • It is the support and foundation for living our lives and the basis for development

When underactive, one may feel unsafe and view everything as a potential threat. The desire for safety and security dominates and overrides other feelings and can manifest as concers over job security, physical safety, home stability, health concerns, or anxiety around relationships. These behaviors become driven by fear.

When  overactive, that same fear might turn into paranoia, greed, lust, and jealousy. One may notice they start to engorge themselves on food, cling to relationships, or stress excessively over work and home life. You may feel blocked by fear & trauma, and experience excessive anxiety, fear, panic, worry, depression, nightmares, anger/rage, and have an overall feeling of being disconnected.

Open the Root: Do grounding, earth related things such as gardening, cooking, camping, hiking, meditating in nature, gemstone mining, etc.

Meditation: Visualize roots growing downward from your root, to the earths energy center. Bring the energy into your body through your root, as it processes and distributes the energy to your other energy centers.

Stones: garnet, red jasper, bloodstone, black tourmaline, onyx, petrified wood, hematite, smokey quartz, carnelian, red calcite

Foods: red roots, beets, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries

Essential Oils: sandalwood, rosemary, black pepper, cedar, clove, ginger, frankincense, and myrrh


Sacral – )range – Svadhishthana

Energetic anchor to the physical world related to:

  • Emotions & feelings
  • Relationships
  • Expression of sexuality and sensual pleasure
  • Feeling of the outer and inner worlds
  • Creativity
  • Fantasies

When imbalanced, one may have trouble with the following:

  • Addiction
  • Lack of empathy
  • Sexually rigid or lower or no libido
  • Sexually impulsive
  • Can’t handle spontaneity
  • Constant fatigue
  • Emotionally reactive or aloof and hypersensitive
  • Creatively blocked

When under active, you become unemotional and feel a lot of uncertainty and insecurity and are unable to cope with change. You may feel detached from your routine and you feel overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs. You may also experience a lack of self esteem which can result in unhealthy, or abusive, relationships.

When  overactive, you will become too emotional and dramatic. Your attachment to relationships becomes obsessive and unhealthy, so you create drama.

Open the Sacral: Where the color orange and focus on meditation.

Meditation: Sit down with legs crossed and hold your hands over the chakra while they are in the position of the mudra.

Stones: carnelian, orange calcite, Jasper, moonstone, amber

Foods: Oranges, melons, coconuts, ginger, and sweet fruits

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose, and ylang-ylang

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