Focus & Memory Soy Candle - Library Scent

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 This candle's intent is to improve cognitive performance including focus, mental clarity, communication, and concentration. This candle is a wonderful study aid for students and other workers. It has helped several customers with concentration difficulties cause by ADHD/ADD, mental fog, and mental fatigue.

All handmade, these candles begin with a batch of pure soy wax being melted and infused with white sage, rose, rosemary, clove, star anise, cinnamon, and calendula (marigold), and red clover blossoms. This blend of herbs brings forth high vibrational energies into the wax. Great care is taken to ensure the energetic vibrations of every candle aligns seamlessly with their intention, and each candle is hand anointed with the infused herbs and beautiful gemstones, then blessed and charged by a Reiki Master.

These candles contain only the highest vibration gemstones, including:

  • Sodalite - Stone for logical and rational thinking. Eliminates confusion and gives clarity. Eliminates harmful rays from cellular phones and computers. Promotes fellowship in groups. Encourages self-esteem. Enhances the truth. Provides access to the sacred laws of the universe. Do not cleanse with water (Included in all candles)
  • Gold Tigers Eye - Opens the mind the receive knowledge. Excellent stone for psychic work as it opens the 3rd eye (Exclusive to 16oz and 8oz candles)
  • Clear quartz point - A multipurpose stone used for magnifying the power of this candle (Exclusive to 16oz candles)

Thanks to their cooler burning temperature, soy candles can burn for up to 50% longer than paraffin! When following basic candle safety and standard use, these candles will burn for the following, based on size:

  • Large Double Wick (11oz) about 90 hours of burn time
  • Medium (5.5oz) about 50 hours of burn time
  • Small (3.3oz) about 24 hours of burn time


  • 100% pure soy wax, free from chemical additives
  • Organic & Kosher Herbs
  • Gemstones
  • Reusable tin
  • Lead & zinc free cotton wick
  • Recycled paper label
  • Pthalate free fragrance

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