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Pumpkin Cold Brew Soap - Lightly exfoliating

Pumpkin Cold Brew Soap - Lightly exfoliating

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    Experience radiant skin with pumpkin puree, toning coffee, and antioxidants in this soap! With real pumpkin and cold brewed coffee, each bar has caffeine to tighten skin and reduce redness and veins. Bonus: coffee lathers and gently exfoliates!

*To help make any soap bar last longer, store it in a dry place when not in use. We highly suggest the use of a soap box or container.*

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 variants for this soap. The regular price bars are perfect. The discounted 50% off bars are blemished, meaning they may have air pockets that make them less aesthetically pleasing or lighter in weight, but the soap still works just as well! Please make sure you are selecting the bar you want when adding to your cart!


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